The 40 Days Project

an exploration by Roger D. Linder

40 Days "Forty days" is a time period which occurs frequently in the Old and New Testaments, and is also the length of time during which Christians observe the season of Lent. As a concept, I am exploring a musical adaptation of the various biblical references to "forty days." The first is a Christian rock opera entitled "40 Days: Resurrection to Ascension" telling the story of Christ's time on Earth following his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

It's now being extended a bit with the addition of a "40 Hours: Death to Resurrection" prequel.

Other themes I intend to explore are:

  • 40 Days: Nativity to Presentation
  • 40 Days: The Lenten Journey
  • 40 Days: The Flood (Genesis 7 & 8)
  • 40 Days: Moses & The Ten Commandments (Exodus 24, 34 & Deuteronomy 9, 10)
  • 40 Days: Twelve into Canaan (Numbers 17)
  • 40 Days: The Terror of Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
  • 40 Days: The Threat to Ninevah (Jonah)
  • 40 Days: Jesus' Temptation in the Desert (Matthew 4, Mark 1, Luke 4)
Other themes for possible consideration:
  • 40 Days: Elijah's Jouney to Horeb (1 Kings 19)
  • 40 Years: Wandering the Desert (Exodus)

As I'm just beginning (the "40 Days: Resurrection to Ascension" project began in January, 2001), I have no idea when this will all be completed (if ever), but it should be an interesting journey!

Roger D. Linder

March, 2001

Updated: April 5, 2003