I Can't Believe It
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder
Thomas You are telling me that you've seen the Lord.
Are you asking me to take you at your word?
Until I see the nail marks on his hands
Until I touch the spear wounds on the man

I will not believe
That he lives and breathes.
I cannot believe!
What a tale you weave!

Jesus Peace I bring to you, brothers all here today
Thomas, I have heard you doubt what they say.
Put your finger here, put your hand in my side.
I am fully here, it cannot be denied.

Do you now believe
That I live and breathe?
Blessed are those who believe
Without having seen!

Thomas Yes, I do believe!
Lord, I do believe!
Yes, I do believe!
Lord, I do believe!

Instrumental Demo

As performed by How Majestic - May 6, 2001

(John 20:24-25)
40 Days