Burying Our Sorrow
Music and Lyrics by Roger Linder
We are burying our sorrow
Waiting 'til tomorrow
To avoid the breaking of the law

Laws that are unjust, he was quick to break
Laws that he discussed, measures he would take
Nothing would be lost, to his quickened mind
All but for what cost, now that he has died?

We are hiding here in sorrow
Focusing on our woe
When we should be thinking of our Lord

Where do we begin, how do we react?
While we look within, his death is a fact
Questioning our faith, he would scold us so
Is he but a wraith, urging us to go?

We are pondering our exit
Sabbath day prevents it
We cannot not go out to mourn our Lord

40 Days
Scriptural basis - Luke 23:56b

But they rested on the Sabbath in obedience to the commandment.