Cast Members and Their Songs
For the May 6, 2001 Performance

Pastor David MullenJesus
Marti FelterMary Magdalene
Ted SchieberlSimon Peter
Roger LinderAngel, John, Thomas
Bethany CarlsonLuke
Janelle McMillanJoanna, Cleopas

Mary Magdalene Where Have They Taken Him?
If It Wasn't For You
A Most Amazing Man
Joanna Where Have They Taken Him? (1 verse)
Angel(s) Where Have They Taken Him?
The Ascension (1 verse)
Jesus Rabboni! (1 verse)
Road to Emmaus (1 verse)
Jesus Is In The House
Breath of the Spirit
I Can't Believe It (1 verse)
Fish Story (3 lines)
Do You Love Me? (5 lines)
Great Commission
The Ascension
Disciples & Group A Most Amazing Man
We Have Seen The Lord
The Ascension (1 verse)
Peter Peter and John
Fish Story
Do You Love Me?
Great Commission (1 verse)
Finale (1 verse)
John Peter and John (3 lines)
Fish Story (1 line)
Luke/Narrator Road To Emmaus (Duet)
Finale (1 verse & chorus)
Cleopas Road to Emmaus (Duet)
Thomas I Can't Believe It

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